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Crossing the Border

An Open Access Publisher of Peer-Reviewed International Journals

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Crossing the Border is an open platform that provides scholars and researchers opportunity to seek, generate, and share scientific knowledge with the academic community around the globe. Its journals are peer reviewed, open access international journals that are periodically available in print and online.

Crossing the Border applies a new approach to scholarly publishing, driving innovations and developing new techniques to make peer-review process more efficient and effective. Its mission is to increase the reach and impact of articles and their authors.

To its credit, the Crossing the Border publishes two journals: International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences that appears bi-monthly and International Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies that appears twice a year. Both journals appear in print and online. Both journals publish original research articles and welcome those articles, which combine and integrate theories and concepts that are taken from diverse topics and disciplines.

The articles submitted to the journals should not previously be published or accepted for publication elsewhere, either in full or part, either in English or other languages. In addition, the authors have full responsibility for all that are expressed in their articles.