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The Crossing the Border welcomes original contributions of fundamental research in all subjects or disciplines of interdisciplinary nature. In selecting manuscripts for publication, the editors place emphasis on the quality and originality of the work as well as the breadth of interest to the authors' related subjects or disciplines. Articles for the journal must be of high quality, must be research-based and must fall within the scope of the journal. Authors submitting articles to us must follow the guidelines below.

  1.     Articles submitted to us must be the original work of the author(s) listed, and not previously published in part or full.
  2.     Articles may be sent to us at any time in all aspects of humanities and social sciences. But they should be interdisciplinary in nature and will be published twice a year.
  3.     We accept the articles in electronic format only and from a single designated corresponding author who will be responsible for all subsequent communication with the editors. All submissions should be a single Microsoft Word file, with figures (graphics) and tables embedded within them.
  4.     An article should not exceed 7000 words or not more than 10 pages of single line space A4 size paper and Times New Roman 12 point font size. The text or paragraphs should be left justified only.
  5.     Articles should be consistent in style throughout, especially if different authors have contributed sections. All submissions are expected to contain scholarly citations, including layout formats of APA style. The following components should be included in all articles that are intended to help you achieve a clear, consistent style that is easy to read.
    • Title
    • Author's information (name, position, affiliation, address, email address)
    • Abstract (not more than 150 words)
    • Keywords (not more than five keywords or key phrases)
    • Main Headings (sub-headings are optional; include introduction, body with several headings, and conclusion; recommendation is optional)
    • Acknowledgements (Optional)
    • References
  6.     All submissions will be assessed by one or more editors to determine whether they fall within the nature of our journal and meet our requirements. Articles that do not fulfil these criteria are likely to be rejected without review.
  7.     Submissions that deviate from the above guidelines will be returned to the corresponding authors for correction. Because the guidelines are updated as appropriate, authors should check them again before they submit their articles.
  8.     The respective authors should take all ethical responsibility for submitted and published articles; if submitted articles are found plagiarized they will directly be rejected without review. The authors should also agree on the terms and conditions of the copyright authorization of the articles to the journal while submitting the final version of the articles.
  9.  Authors can choose one of the following journals for publication:
    • International Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences
    • International Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies
  10.  Articles can be sent to as an email attachment.