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Crossing the Border

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In general, our journal operates a double blind review system. The reviewers will not be aware of the names and affiliations of the authors. However, the reviewer’s reports will be provided to the authors for revision of the submitted manuscripts.

The aim of the peer review process is to determine the originality, validity, and relevance of the manuscripts. Those manuscripts which are accepted for publication in our journal will pass through five stages: initial screening, review reports, editorial assessment, authorial revision, and editorial decision.

Stage 1: Initial Screening
All submissions will be screened by the editors for relevance. Then, all manuscripts will pass through software to check for plagiarism. Successful manuscripts will be accepted for review.

State 2: Review Reports
The accepted manuscripts will be reviewed by the double blind reviewers who will be asked to evaluate whether the manuscript is publishable or not.

Stage 3: Editorial Assessment
On the basis of the reviewers’ reports, the editors will determine whether the manuscripts should be sent to the authors for revision or not.

Stage 4: Authorial Revision
The authors will be provided with the reviewers’ reports, including the editors’ instructions for revision of the processed manuscripts.

Stage 5: Editorial Decision
The editors will reach a decision based on the reports sent by the reviewers and the authors’ revised submissions. The editors will consult with the editorial board and write a letter of acceptance to the successful authors for publication.

You can learn more about the peer review process by reading this peer review form.

Download Peer Review Form: